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Custom Product Packaging Design From Indepak

Innovation, Precision & Affordability – These three words are at the heart of our product packaging design philosophy. Since 1967, we have created more than 6,000 unique products and packages for our clients and we can develop the ideal package or thermo formed product to fit your needs and budget.

Custom Product Packaging Design

Custom product packaging design begins with an idea and a discussion regarding your packaging or product needs as well as gaining a full understanding of your manufacturing process and which materials will be the best match for the project. Our experienced team and our wide range of thermoforming equipment allow us to consider many different types of materials for your project. This includes HIPS, PET, PETG, PVS, OPS, HDPE, ABS, PP and even starch-based bio materials as well as combination designs that incorporate plastic with paper or pulp.

After our design team has assessed your needs, the team will begin working on the initial phase of your custom product packaging design. We use the latest technology to craft these model designs, taking into consideration aspects such as weight, space, strength, presentation and cost containment. In addition, we also understand the importance of retailer packaging requirements, package assembly and, of course, aesthetic design. Once you’ve approved the design, we move on to the production of a physical This prototype will be used to check fits and for testing, which saves time during the development process.

From Prototype to Production

Once the prototype has been tested and approved, we can move on to production. We have multiple lines of high-speed equipment to ensure that the production process is as quick as possible. Our equipment can thermoform rigid materials from a thickness range of .008” to .080” and we can thermoform foam materials ranging in thickness from 1/16” up to ¼”.

Throughout every step of the process, from design to production, we have quality controls in place to ensure that your packaging is crafted precisely each and every time. We provide complete traceability all the way back through our process and even to our supplier’s manufacturing records. We are ISO 9001:2008 certified and go above and beyond these requirements and guarantee the form, fit and function of your parts according to agreed-upon specifications.

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