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At Indepak, we seek talented people who bring the natural skills and aptitudes to fit their role and to lay a foundation for growth. Our people are our most valuable asset. We offer profit sharing, benefits, pleasant surroundings, open communications, and opportunity for input. We invest in orientation and training to equip each team member for success. Our culture has produced very high longevity, with minimal turnover.  We work hard, play together and care about each other. Click here to explore a career with Indepak.

Indepak is a privately held, family owned thermoforming company that values innovation, “Can-do” attitude, flexibility, responsiveness, hard work and service.  Following are part of the core principles upon which we operate:


• Secure well being among coworkers is our hope.

The people who choose to work at lndepak are our most valuable asset. The value of machines and buildings is measured easily with dollars, but the value of people is measured in more elusive terms like respect, relationship, and grace. Though the terms may be elusive, the action their presence displays is not. The action happens on two planes; first company to employee, and second, employee to employee. The company owes a feeling of security and value to each employee and expresses that debt through benefits, nice physical surroundings, an open-door policy, open communication, opportunity to contribute, opportunity to grow, and encouraging a family atmosphere. As individuals, we must strive to build relationships that show respect and recognition of each other's talents and contribution. Good communication is imperative. We need to lift up truth and set aside pride - to extend grace in the sense of making up for each other's shortcomings and encouraging one another.

• Good character is essential in our relationships.

In our relationships with coworkers and as a company with customers and suppliers, good character is essential, honesty being most important. Traits like integrity, initiative, diligence, accountability, excellence, loyalty, and dedication win the trust and confidence necessary for us to serve our customers as though we were a department within their own company. Good character can't be assigned as company policy. It simply is or isn't there, as revealed by our daily actions toward each other and the outside world. The appearance of our buildings and equipment reflects character as well. We must display good character in those areas that can be seen visually and in our interaction with people.

• Hard work is critical to our success.

To be outstanding at anything requires hard work. It is part of our national heritage to have a good work ethic. Each of us has special and unique talents that we believe are expressed most effectively when assigned to responsibilities that allow them to be exercised. Competition is closely linked to hard work. and we live in a competitive marketplace. Hard work is good, but time off is good too. We seek to create an environment where there is healthy balance of work and time off.

• Pursuit of elegantly simple technology is continuous.

One might ask, "What does that mean?" Technology consists of equipment, tooling, plant systems, and associated standards we use to serve our customers. The phrase "cutting edge technology" is commonly used. We can't help but think this term came from those crafts where a fine edge on blades is critically important, such as carpentry. To us the phrase means, "high tech is keeping the blade sharp." In other words, don't put a bigger motor on to run a dull blade; don't put a system in place to rework poor cuts. Just keep the blade sharp. Using a dull blade is complex. Using a sharp blade is simple. How often, for the sake of time, do we use a dull blade? Our industry is very complex and the underlying simplicity is often hidden from our sight. Elegantly simple technology that is advancing means pursuing the simplicity on the other side of complexity - and don't stop!

• Delighted customers are our passion.

A good work ethic is not limited to working hard. Its greatest reward, even greater than money, is the expression of delight from a customer at receiving more than expected. This we ought to strive for! Whether a cheerful responsive voice on the phone, a beautifully formed part, or a delivery date met, aim to provide service that displays a desire to please. Delighted customers are the result of commitments met. Therefore, make commitments wisely with agreement from sales, tooling, and production. This may not provide what the customer wanted in the beginning, but will ensure that we deliver what the customer expected in the end. One of the results in doing these things is "true growth," and that kind of growth provides the opportunity for increased sales. At this point we have a right, the right to choose our customers. We choose customers who have character, who pay their bills, and with whom we can have a solid, lasting relationship.

• Profit is a consequence, not a right.

Profit is good. It provides money for financing increased sales, purchasing equipment, and providing increased pay and benefits. But our focus should not be on profit. It should rather be on hard work, good character, technology, delighted customers, and our relationships with each other. Each of us has the opportunity and obligation to make profit by focusing our attention to these goals. Profit will be the consequence or measure of how well we do; therefore, it is appropriate for each of us to share in it.

• Success at "Forming Good Impressions" is our goal.

To sum up, success is our goal, and "forming good impressions" is a play on words to bring success into view. As the mold in a forming machine contacts the plastic, it leaves an impression representative of what it is. Likewise, as we relate to our coworkers, vendors, and customers, success is leaving them with a good impression of who we are. No one is perfect and no one can do it by themselves. We are dependent people. May we recognize what undergirds our hope of success.

Our culture is supported by our corporate values. As a result, we have employees who are loyal, dependable and hardworking. Together, we rise to new challenges with the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. At Indepak, every employee is a hands-on contributor. In addition, we support a culture of working hard and playing hard. Employee events are frequent and include things like:

  • Christmas Potluck
  • Christmas Dinner
  • December Adopt-a-Family
  • May Breakfast
  • Corn Feed
  • Employee Picnic
  • Soup Contest
  • Thanksgiving Give-a-Way
  • Halloween Costume/Pumpkin Carving/Pizza Party
  • Employee Baby/Wedding Showers
  • Safety Success Pizza Parties

Thermoforming Company History
Indepak was founded in 1967, when Dave and Jan Aho acquired a very small packaging business. Both Dave and Jan worked other jobs in the early months while building up the business. Sales were mostly word of mouth and employees were mostly relatives. They worked closely with their first customers, working hard to create innovative solutions. This approach continued, so that the company grew and had to relocate to larger facilities multiple times. The innovation, customer focus and culture of collaboration in problem solving have continued, as Indepak has become a leading Thermoforming company in the Northwest U.S. 

Dave’s talent for mechanical engineering resulted in pioneering breakthroughs, producing high-value products and packaging for customers; some who “didn’t think it could be done”. Today, more than 6,000 products later, Indepak continues to lead in innovation, service and value. This extends to engineering unique machinery for specialized applications where needed. The ability to design, engineer, prototype, produce, fulfill and manage inventory for custom applications places Indepak in a unique position to advance into the future. Indepak has a wide array of production equipment to meet nearly every need for thin plastic and foam applications. 

Our People and Culture make Indepak an attractive place to work amongst the top Thermoforming Companies. Our People and Culture make Indepak an attractive place to work. Openings are listed below. To apply, email your resume with a paragraph about why you would be a good fit for the position, to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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