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Thermoforming Companies: The Indepak Difference

Selecting one company out of the many thermoforming companies out there can be tough. At Indepak, we believe that we offer a unique combination of high performance, value and top customer service. Our goal is not to just produce quality custom thermoformed packaging, but to form a partnership with each of our clients. Here are some reasons to consider Indepak as your thermoforming company.

1. We Serve All Markets

Since 1967, we have helped thousands of clients from virtually every industry with their thermoform needs. As a full-service thermoforming company, we have created packaging and thermoformed products for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the electronics industry, specialty foods manufacturers, agricultural companies and many different types of retail operations. We understand that each product is unique and we will develop a thermoform packaging solution that fits your needs.

2. Customer Service Is Our Priority

Developing strong relationships with our clients has been a key to our success at Indepak. We truly listen to our clients and develop innovative products that match their needs and fit within their budget. When you are shopping around for thermoforming companies, be sure to select a team with genuine enthusiasm when helping their customers. You deserve nothing less than the best possible customer service.

3. Highest Standards Of Quality & Sustainability

A thermoforming company is only as good as its products, and quality assurance is always a priority. Our ISO 9001:2008 certifications and ISO 14001 certifications ensure our customers that we adhere to the strictest production and quality standards. ISO is an independent organization that sets standards for all types of businesses.

Our ISO 9001:2008 certification was earned for our consistency and quality, and the ISO 14001 certification indicates our commitment to protecting the environment and lessening our impact on our fragile planet. Not only do we strive to be a low-waste thermoforming company, we also offer our clients a wide variety of sustainable options for their packaging, including post-consumer grade materials.

4. More Than Packaging

We believe thermoforming companies should do more than simply create great packaging, so we provide a total custom solution for each client. In addition to designing and producing high quality thermoform packaging and products, we also can help with package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping.

Thermoform Packaging: Understanding ISO Certification

Since 1967, the team at Indepak has been creating custom thermoform packaging for our clients. Providing excellent customer service and high quality products are the focus of our operation. When you are searching for a thermoforming company, it’s best to seek one with ISO certification, and we are ISO 9001:14001 certified. Read on and you will discover information about ISO certification and why it is important.

ISO is the International Organization for Standardization, which is an independent group that is committed to setting various standards for all types of businesses. The ISO has created these quality management systems and in order for a company to be ISO certified, this company must adhere to a specific set of standards.

There are many different sections or divisions of standards within ISO. At Indepak, we have ISO 9001:2008 certification and 14001 certification. The first number refers to quality management, which means that a third party has examined our thermoform packaging business and found that it adheres to ISO criteria and has been shown to have a strong customer focus and that our customers consistently receive top quality products.

The ISO 14001 standards are particularly important to a company that produces thermoform packaging as these standards fall under the area of environmental management. Achieving ISO 140001 certification means that our customers can be sure that we are dedicated to minimizing our impact on the environment. This includes making our company a low-waste operation as well as seeking out the latest in renewable and bio-based packaging solutions for our clients.

The ISO had its beginnings in the 1920s as the International Federation of National Standardizing Associations. Although its operations ceased for a time during World War II, the ISO was founded in 1947 and was designed with the goal of creating international standards for all types of businesses in a wide range of industries. More than 150 countries are national members of ISO.

Thermoform packaging is an essential item for thousands of different companies in a multitude of industries. We produce custom thermoform packaging for clients in many specialized markets, including retail and specialty foods as well as companies that produce industrial, agricultural and medical or pharmaceutical products.

We can design virtually any type of thermoform packaging, and in addition to creating your packaging, we also can help with inventory management and fulfilment. To learn more about our services, take a look around our website or call us for a consultation regarding your thermoform packaging needs.

Thermoform Plastics: Renew, Reuse, Recycle

Each time we create a custom thermoform plastic package for one of our clients, quality is always our highest priority. However, sustainability is one of our top priorities. After all, we are located in Portland, Oregon, which is a center of environmental innovation.

You might have heard the terms “thermoset plastics” and “thermoplastics,” and while they sound similar, they are quite different. At Indepak, we work with thermoform plastic or thermoplastic, all of which can be recycled. Used thermoform plastic and thermoplastic scraps can be reused again and again.

Thermoset plastic is plastic that cannot be reused. While it is heated and molded similarly to thermoform plastic, once it has cooled and set, it cannot be melted down again and recycled. In some cases, people have discovered ways to re-use thermoset plastics, but they aren’t accepted by curbside recycling programs.

However, the thermoform plastics we use to create packaging for our clients are all recyclable. If you are concerned with recycling, there are many options that make it easy for you and your customers to recycle the thermoform plastic packaging that we create.

There are basically seven different types of thermoplastic, and each of these types of plastic is designated by a resin identification code. These are those triangles with numbers inside of them that you find on water bottles and other plastic items. This number indicates the type of thermoform plastics used to create a package, bottle or other plastic item.

The thermoform plastics that are identified with a number 1 or 2 are almost always accepted by community recycling programs, making it easy for consumers to simply toss these items into their recycling bins. The number 1 was given to polyethylene terephthalate, which is used for water bottles, thermoform trays, food jars and much more. This type of thermoform plastic also is sometimes known as PET or PETE.

High-density polyethylene is the second most commonly recycled thermoform plastic and this is identified by the number 2. This also is used for items such as bottles and milk jugs, as well as plastic shopping bags and shipping containers, to name just a few items. Most recycling programs also accept high-density polyethylene or HDPE. Among the remaining five types of thermoform plastics, numbers 4, 5 and 6 often can be recycled and more and more cities are expanding recycling programs to include additional plastics.

Number 3 thermoform plastics are made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC, and while it can be recycled, it often is not accepted by recycling programs. However, it can be recycled and used to make items such as park benches and flooring which will be used for a very long time. In general, items made from PVC might not be able to be recycled as easily, but they often are intended to be used for many years and not simply tossed into a bin like a water bottle.

No matter what type of thermoform plastic you need for your custom packaging, we are committed to reducing the amount of waste in general. We are a low-waste operation and also offer many options that include recycled content or perhaps bioplastics. Contact us today and we can find a custom packaging solution that is right for your unique product.

Thermoform Trays: Some Options & Information

At Indepak, we create all manner of thermoform trays for a variety of industries. Thermoform trays can be an excellent option for many different types of products, and we can create virtually any type or size of tray that you might need.

For our medical or pharmaceutical customers, we create thermoform trays for many different products. When it comes to medical products, security and safety are highly important, and our carefully designed thermoform trays can be designed to hold securely all types of medicine, syringes and medical instruments.

Safety is also a big concern for those within the food and beverage industry. When it comes to thermoform trays, our team of designers can create custom thermoform packaging that protects your food product as well as keeping it fresh. We can design thermoform trays for virtually any type of food item, from cookie trays to cracker trays to frozen dinners and much more.

Of course many other industries need thermoform trays, and we can create thermoform trays for any type of product you might have, not limited to medical or food products. Electronics firms, agricultural companies and retail companies all might need custom thermoform trays, and we can help every step of the way.

Thermoform trays can be produced using a wide variety of plastics, depending on your needs and budget. For instance, thermoform trays can be produced using polyethylene terephthalate or high-density polyethylene, which are two of the easiest thermoplastics to recycle. These two particular thermoplastics typically always are accepted by curbside recycling centers. Keep in mind that generally all types of thermoplastics can be recycled and more and more cities are expanded their recycling programs to include as many types of thermoplastics as possible.

Your thermoform tray also can be created out of just about any other type of thermoplastic, from sturdy PVC or extremely lightweight polystyrene. We can create thermoform trays using thermoplastics that are just right for your specific product. We also offer some unique options such as bioplastics and or plastics with recycled content.

It is our goal at Indepak to provide you with a total solution for your custom thermoform packaging needs. This includes the development and production of your product, such as a thermoform tray, as well as package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping. For nearly 50 years we have been helping customers with their thermoform packaging needs. Contact us today and we will get started designing your custom thermoform trays or any other type of thermoform packaging that you might need.