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Keep Your Costs Down With Thermoforming By Indepak

Because every product needs some type of package, you know that a decent portion of your yearly budget will be allocated toward packaging. However, there are many ways to reduce the costs associated with packaging and as a thermoforming company our goal is always to product the highest quality packaging at the lowest possible cost to our customer.

Selecting thermoforming for package creation is definitely a great way to lower your costs. There are many types of thermoplastic that we can use and many are quite inexpensive. For instance, we might be able to use high impact polystyrene or HIPS which is a highly versatile, inexpensive thermoplastic.

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is another type of thermoplastic widely used by thermoforming companies. Known more commonly simply as ABS, this thermoplastic is inexpensive and is known for its strength, toughness and resistance to many chemicals. It also offers a great deal of versatility when it comes to processing.

These are just two of the thermoforming options you might want to consider, but we also can produce packaging out of other thermoplastics and even bio-based materials. We will evaluate your product and provide you with materials that truly will suit your needs.

In addition to the low cost of these thermoforming plastics, these materials also are very lightweight. They can protect your product and keep it secure without adding a huge amount of weight. This can lower your shipping costs and, as we have all seen, the cost of shipping has been skyrocketing throughout the last few years.

Along those same lines, thermoforming also can reduce your costs because we can create a thermoplastic package that fits your item exactly. You won’t need a ton of excess packaging to protect and store a product, as we can create a design that limits the amount of excess thermoplastic. This allows you to ship more items per box or perhaps use smaller box sizes, both of which can lower shipping costs.

Another way that Indepak can help provide an affordable solution for your company is by offering a variety of in-house services. We provide a total solution for our clients that includes product development and in-house tooling, as well as production, quality control, package fulfillment, inventory management and even shipping. Not all thermoforming companies provide all of these services, and it can really help reduce your bottom line.

Plastic Thermoforming & Production

Plastic thermoforming is a process by which a wide variety of products and packaging can be created. Plastic thermoforming can be used to create large products such as plastic lawn chairs or small items such as the thermoform trays that protect crackers in retail food packaging.

At Indepak, we specialize in thin-gauge plastic thermoforming. There are two basic types of thermoforming – thin gauge and thick gauge. Our high-quality, high-speed equipment can thermoform a variety of rigid materials from .008-inch thickness to .080-inch thickness. When it comes to thermoform foam, our equipment processes foam materials from 1/16 inch to ¼ inch.

In order to provide many sizes of thin-gauge plastic thermoforming, we have a variety of thermoforming equipment. It is our goal to provide the best possible solutions to our customers, whether they need plastic thermoform packaging, a thermoform foam product or any product created using plastic thermoforming.

Our machinery can process many different types of thermoplastic, and this includes high-impact polystyrene or HIPS, as well as high-density polyethylene or HDPE, In addition, we also can create a product or package using PP, PVC, ABS, PETG and PET. HDPE and PET are two of the most recyclable thermoplastics, although most thermoplastics can be recycled. We can even create plastic thermoform packaging and products using starch-based bio materials. It all depends on what you need for your specific product. We are a low-waste operation, as well, and do our best to create designs that limit thermoplastic waste as much as possible. We are committed to minimizing our impact on the environment and have won environmental awards from our city, including the Gresham Great Recycler award.

At Indepak, we believe in providing a total solution for our clients needing plastic thermoforming. You might expect that we have an experienced design team and provide you with excellent prototypes and a top quality finished product, but we provide more than design and production. For instance, we offer package fulfillment services and can seal your package together using techniques such as heat sealing and RF welding.

We also can help with inventory management, and we have 50,000 square feet of space available to store our customers’ packaging or products. We can create an inventory management system that truly helps to streamline your operation.

If you need thin-gauge plastic thermoforming, contact us today via phone or email. We can get started designing the perfect plastic thermoforming packaging or thermoform plastic product for you.

Plastic Food Packaging: From Design To Production

If you are in the specialty food industry, you need containers and packaging. It is simply part of the equation. Plastic food packaging can be an excellent option because it’s durable and lightweight. You also have the option of clear plastic food packaging, which showcases your product for consumers.

At Indepak, we create all kinds of plastic food packaging. Our clients range from restauranteurs and caterers to companies that produce a wide variety of food and beverages. Some of the thermoplastic packages we create include clamshell packaging, thermoform trays and containers with lids.

Clamshell packaging can be used at restaurants to secure food for takeout orders, deliveries and to hold leftovers. Clamshells also can hold bakery items, fresh fruit, vegetables and much more. This is a type of plastic food packaging with an attached lid that opens like a clamshell, which is where it gets its name.

Thermoform trays are a common product that we produce for customers. This variety of plastic food packaging can be used to store candy, crackers, cookies and other individual food items. Trays can be created with specialty compartments, such as those used for frozen dinners. The trays keep items sorted and protected and can then be placed into another type of container, such as a box.

Many companies need containers with lids, and this type of plastic food packaging includes reusable containers and lids, as well as single use containers with lids for all sorts of foods. Often we design a lid and container using two different types of thermoplastic.

There are specific types of thermoplastic that need to be used for plastic food packaging. Some packages need to be able to withstand the heat of the microwave or oven, while others need to be able to hold certain types of liquids. We can take a close look at your product and come up with a custom packaging solution that will protect and store your product safely and effectively.

We don’t just focus on design, although that is a top priority. In addition to development, production and quality control, we also can help with package fulfillment, inventory management and shipping. Our aim is to offer each client a total solution that truly fits your needs as well as your budget. World-class customer service is also a big part of that equation. If you would like to discuss your plastic food packaging needs, give the team at Indepak a call today. We have been helping clients with their thermoplastic packaging and product needs since 1967.

Custom Thermoforming & Custom Packaging: Different Thermoplastic Options

There are many different types of thermoplastics and the team at Indepak can help you decide which type is best for your custom packaging or thermoplastic product. In order to select the best thermoplastic, we have to consider many factors include the size, shape and material components of your product as well as your budget.

Polyethylene, which comes in several different forms, is one type of thermoplastic that might be worth considering for your custom thermoforming design. HDPE or high-density polyethylene is easy to recycle and can be used to create package that holds many types of liquid, including milk, gasoline and detergent. This is just one type of polyethylene to consider, and we can help you decide if this is a good material for your needs.

When you hear the word “styrene,” you might think simply of polystyrene or Styrofoam. However there are other thermoplastics with styrene in their name. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene or ABS, for instance, is a very tough and heat-resistant type of thermoplastic. Because of its strength, it is often used as a less expensive, lightweight substitute for metal components in various manufacturing systems. Other products made from ABS include Lego bricks and the keycaps on your computer keyboard.

Polystyrene might be a bit more commonly known, and we can create a wide variety of products out of this material. There are many different types of polystyrene to consider. Custom thermoforming allows us to create cups, containers, utensils and countless other products and packages.

We also offer a variety of sustainable options for our customers. These include using post-consumer grade materials in your custom thermoforming design. We also can design packages that combine thermoplastics and other materials such as paperboard or foil. Of course, most thermoplastics are recyclable, and some types of thermoplastics are easy to recycle than others. We can help you select the most sustainable option for your custom thermoforming project.

When it comes to sustainability, you might consider a type of biodegradable thermoplastic for your thermoforming packaging or product. Polyactic acid for instance is created using corn starch. Keep in mind while polyactic acid does biodegrade, this type of plastic must be taken to a composting facility not a typical recycling plant.

These types of thermoplastic are just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to custom thermoforming, you have many excellent options. We can help select the ideal type of thermoplastic for your product or custom package. Call today and let us know how we can help provide you with a total solution for your custom thermoforming needs.

Custom Packaging Design Tips

One of the best things about thermoforming is the versatility. You can create virtually any size or shape of package, and you even can come up with a custom packaging design that fits perfectly around your product.

While creating an attractive custom packaging design is always important, there are other factors to consider when thinking about packaging designs. For instance, the size of your packaging affects your overall costs and not just for the packaging itself. If your package is quite a bit larger than your product, this will affect how many units you can fit into shipping boxes. Heavier materials also will cost you more money when it comes to shipping. Thermoplastic not only can be trimmed to fit your product exactly, it also is lightweight.

With custom thermoforming, we can create custom packaging designs that fit around your product precisely while still providing plenty of protection. A clamshell package, for instance, can be the perfect type of package to consider as this completely surrounds your product and can be sealed securely. Of course, we have plenty of other options depending on your product and needs. We can create thermoform trays, plastic containers with lids and much more.

Protecting your product is a huge consideration when thinking about custom packaging design, but creating attractive and informative label is also an important factor in custom packaging design. Generally this label will include your company logo and information about your product as well as catching the eye of customers.

When it comes to label design, a simple approach typically is the best way to go. If you create a custom packaging design that is too busy or cluttered, it can be difficult to reach potential customers with your message. Whether you are selling a food product, something electronic, hand lotion, toothpaste or a socket wrench, you need to have a label design that targets your specific audience. For instance, the label of a cereal targeted at children will look much different than one targeting adult women.

Knowing your audience really can help you create an impactful design. At Indepak, we can help you come up with a custom packaging design that not only protects your protect and helps you stay within your budget, we also create designs that are functional and aesthetically pleasing for consumers.

If you are ready to get started with your custom packaging design, give us a call today or send us an email. We have created custom thermoform packaging for virtually every industry, including retail companies, electronics companies, specialty food businesses, agricultural firms, industrial firms and many others.