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Medical Packaging: Your Blister Packaging Options

Blister packaging is a common medical packaging option. Blister packs include a thin top layer of thermoplastic with a sealed backing typically made from a thin layer of plastic or foil. There are many reasons why blister packaging is an excellent option for your medical product.

With pharmaceutical products, there are many important factors to consider. Safety and security is certainly one component of medical packaging that we must consider. A blister pack can keep individual pills or tablets secure from many external elements such as humidity. These blister packages are well-sealed and provide excellent barrier protection which can increase shelf life greatly.

We can create custom medical packaging that fits your tablets or pills exactly, creating a specially designed cavity for each tablet. In addition, we can adjust the backing to any level of strength you require. For some companies, they wish to make it easy for clients to simply push a pill or tablet through the foil backing.

Often we design medical packaging that is a combination of a thermoform tray and blister packaging. For instance, you might need a sterilized medical kit that contains vials of medicine as well as syringes. Your thermoform tray will be create to fit each individual component exactly and we will create a lidding element that can be peeled open rather than a push-through option, as this increases security and keeps the product sterile. There are some excellent options for high barrier films for pharmaceutical products.

At Indepak, we understand the unique needs of a pharmaceutical client. We produce low particulate packaging for non-sterile applications as well as downstream sterilization applications. We maintain detailed records to ensure that there is traceability down to the box level. Our material ordering and receiving processes also ensure that your medical packaging meets all of your specifications.

Of course, in addition to keeping pharmaceutical products safe and secure, custom thermoform medical packaging is lightweight and inexpensive to produce, which reduces your overall costs. Our careful design process eliminates the need for an excess packaging, which also helps you control production costs and reduce shipping costs.

At Indepak, our experienced team provides you with top technical expertise as well as top customer service. If you need help with pharmaceutical or medical packaging, we can create just about anything that you might need. Give us a call today and we can begin the design process to fulfill your unique packaging needs.

Packaging Materials: Your Thermoplastic Options

When it comes to packaging options, you have quite a few different options. You can use thermoplastics for the entire package or perhaps thermoplastics with a combination of another material, such as cardboard or foil. Here are just a few of the different options you might want to consider for your packaging needs.

A clamshell or a blister package works well for many products. Various types of thermoplastic can be used as your packaging materials. A blister pack or blister package is a package that typically has backing formed from a thin sheet of plastic or perhaps foil or paperboard. A clamshell is a package that is connected at one edge and opens up, much like a clam.

Blister packages can be made out of many thermoplastic packaging materials and are excellent choices for many types of products. You often see pharmaceuticals packaged in blister packs, such as over-the-counter cold medicines. Many retail products are packaged in blister packs, as well, and these typically feature a well-designed paperboard backing with clear thermoplastic attached to the paperboard. This allows the product to be displayed and the paperboard is designed to provide the company name, product name, bar codes and information about the product.

Clamshells are used for many different products. These are used to hold a wide variety of food products at grocery stores and specialty food stores, as well as to-go containers from restaurants. We also can seal the edges of a clamshell package and use that to protect just about any retail product, including tools, electronics and office supplies.

Often we will design packaging components using some type of thermoplastic foam. For instance, perhaps you are selling an electronic item with many different parts. You might have a sturdy cardboard outer container with various shapes and sizes of thermoplastic foam inside. This foam is highly protective, but also very lightweight and we can create thermoplastic foam using different types of packaging materials depending on your needs and budget.

Thermoplastics are an excellent option in general for packaging materials because they are lightweight, protective and can be designed to fit almost any product. For instance, we can create thermoplastic bottles to hold many different types of liquid. Different liquids require different types of thermoplastic packaging materials, and we have a variety of options including HIPS, ABS, PVC, PET, PETG, HDPE, OPS, and PP.

Of course, not everything we create involves packaging materials. We can design thermoplastic products as well. We can create a specialty product or perhaps an item such as a reusable food storage container. Plastic trays can be designed to hold office supplies or kitchen gear. We also can create any size or type of container that you might need.

We also provide more than just high-quality production and design. At Indepak, we also can help you with package fulfilment, with your inventory management and even with shipping your products or packaging. Let us know how we can help with your custom packaging or thermoplastic product needs.

Custom Packaging Solutions For Your Company

At Indepak, we serve the packaging and thermoforming needs of a huge variety of industries. Some of our clients are in the food or beverage businesses, while others produce electronics or retail products. Some of our clients work in the pharmaceutical or agricultural industries. For each industry, we can provide customized packaging solutions that fit the needs of your company and your product.

For a food or beverage company, our customized packaging solutions range from the takeout clamshells used by restaurants and cafes to reusable food storage containers. We can produce thermoform trays to hold cookies, crackers or other specialty food items or thermoplastic jars for your salad dressing, condiment, jelly or peanut butter. Thermoplastics are highly versatile and there are many types that are ideal for holding foods and beverages.

For our electronics or retail clients, we can create clamshells and blister packs that protect your product as well as displaying the product. Thermoplastic is an ideal option for your custom packaging needs because it can be created in virtually any shape, it’s strong enough to protect your product and thermoplastic can be perfectly clear, which means consumers can see exactly what they are buying.

Of course, for our retail and electronics clients, we also can create product parts using various types of thermoplastic. In some cases, your entire product might be designed using thermoplastics and we can help with the design, creation, assembly and packaging of your special product. In this way, we aim to provide a total solution for each of our clients.

Our agricultural clients use thermoplastic in many ways. We can create customized packaging and thermoform trays to hold a wide variety of products. We can create everything from a container that holds plant food to gardening trays and thermoplastic pots that hold a wide variety of plants. These are just a few items that might be needed by an agricultural firm, but we can design virtually package or part you might need.

Industrial clients often need internal or business-to-business tote trays, and we have created these for many of our clients. One of the important considerations for these clients is that they are using the trays in automation applications that feature anti-static properties. Our industrial thermoform packaging solutions are produced with tight tolerances to ensure that they are highly accurate and work perfectly throughout your production process.

With pharmaceutical companies, our customized packaging solutions include creating secure blister packs to hold various individual medications. We also create trays and packaging for both sterile and non-sterile applications, depending upon what you might need. We can create highly specialized pharmaceutical packaging and thermoform trays to hold medicines, syringes, vials and much more.

The beauty of thermoplastics is that we are able to create packaging and trays and product parts to exact specifications for our client. Because thermoplastics tend to be quite inexpensive, they provide very cost effective packaging solutions. Give us a call today and let’s get started on the design process for your unique product.