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Packaging Tips From Your Friendly Thermoforming Company

As a thermoforming company, we understand the importance of great design. We create hundreds of thousands of thermoform packaging and thermoform products during the year for a variety of industries. We know that while the quality of a product will entice customers to buy from you again and again, a fantastic design is what can grab their attention. Here are a few quick tips that might spark your creativity.

1. A Simple Design Usually Works Best

Some basic information about what’s inside the package is just about all you need to place on your packaging label. Too often, people will design labels or package inserts that feature many different typefaces or fonts or perhaps fonts that are simply difficult to read. Choosing effective colors for your package inserts or labels also can be important.

Thermoforming companies can design clear plastic packaging that displays your actual product to its best advantage, but if your labeling is difficult to read or too busy, it can be a huge distraction. Be sure the consumer knows exactly what they are buying and that it’s all very easy to read. People have short attention spans and if your design is unattractive or too busy or confusing, they might just move on to the next similar product.

2. Take A Look At Your Competition

Everyone has competitors, even thermoforming companies, and it can be helpful to take a look at the packaging choices that your competitors are making. Make a note of what they do well and what they might be doing wrong. While you don’t want to copy anyone else, taking a look at other ideas can help you narrow down your design approach.

If you place several products similar to yours a row, consider which package draws your eyes most quickly and why. Perhaps it’s the combinations of colors they use or the simple elegance of the design. Improve upon what your competition does best and avoid any of the mistakes that they might be making. A thermoforming company can create just about any type of packaging that you might need and, at Indepak, we have a highly experienced team of design engineers that can help make your design dreams a reality.

3. Quality & Materials Are Important

Thermoforming companies create custom packaging that is secure and aesthetically pleasing. Of course, a thermoforming company also will focus on product security and on keeping your packaging costs to a minimum. In order to ensure security and create packaging that truly protects your product, we will select the highest quality thermoplastics for the job. Using quality materials doesn’t just ensure that your product will be protected from damage and be tamper-proof, it also simply looks better.

In addition to creating packages and products entirely out of thermoplastic, we also can create packages that incorporate other materials, such as paperboard or foil. Sometimes using a combination of materials is what will look best and provide the best option for your product. For some products, using the most sustainable materials possible is a plus, and our thermoforming company does have many eco-friendly options for your consideration.

4. Think About Redesign From Time To Time

Sometimes your package label design might begin to look dated and by dated, we don’t mean retro. Trends come and go, and peoples’ sensibilities tend to change as time goes by. While you certainly don’t have to change up your package design every year, make note of trends or changes in the consumer climate. Just make sure that when you update, you make careful, thoughtful changes and take a look at packaging updates from other companies to gauge what works and what doesn’t. Sometimes, people go a bit too far with the redesign and it shows. Remember to stick with the basic information, make it readable and use attractive color choices and combinations.

Obviously for some products, label and insert design is more important than others. It all depends on your customer base. For instance, someone buying a clamshell package of bolts might not care about the label beyond knowing the size of the bolts and the amount of bolts in the package. Someone buying cookies or crackers, however, or a person buying gaming gear might be enticed by your fabulous packaging design. The team at our thermoforming company is happy to help you throughout the design process. We love the challenge of creating custom thermoform packaging and want to show off your special product to its best advantage. Give us a call now and let’s get started on your thermoform packaging design!

The Plastic Clamshell: A Versatile Packaging Option

Ah, the plastic clamshell. Where would we be without this packaging design? Think for just a moment about all of the items you purchase that are stored in clamshell packaging. This includes the takeaway box that holds your lunch, as well as thousands of other food products.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We create custom plastic clamshell packaging each and every day for our clients and not just those who work in a food-related industry. Consider all of the items you purchase, from headphones to nails to razors. These often are stored in a clear plastic clamshell. Virtually any product can be stored in clamshell packaging, including electronics, office supplies, hardware, printer ink, toys, cell phone accessories and anything you can imagine.

If you are searching for a custom packaging solution, a plastic clamshell might be your best bet. Plastic clamshell packaging is clear, so consumers can see exactly what they are purchasing. In addition, we can use strong, sturdy plastics to create your clamshell packaging so that it protects your product from damage. In addition, heat sealing can also make the clamshell packaging highly tamper-proof, which is always a bonus.

Our process begins by carefully studying your product and creating an initial package design and prototype. Our goal is to create a strong, aesthetically pleasing clamshell packaging design that minimizes your costs. Costs can be reduced based upon the type of plastic we use as well as creating a package design that limits waste.

We can create simple clamshells or design clamshell packaging that holds several different products or product components. Our team of experienced engineers can create virtually any size, shape or configuration of clamshell packaging that you might need. One of the best aspects of thermoplastics is the versatility in design; you truly can create just about any design imaginable with thermoplastics.

Once we have created the perfect prototype for your clamshell packaging, we can move into the production phase. Our high-quality, high-speed equipment can process a huge variety of materials. This includes HIPS, PETG, PET, ABS, PVS, HDPE, PP, OPS and even starch-based bio materials. Our production process is fast and efficient, and producing a quality product at the lowest cost to you is always our top goal.

Beyond design and production, we are happy to assist with several other services. For instance, we can provide you with package fulfillment services and even seal packaging together using heat sealing or RF welding. From there, we also can help you with important tasks such as inventory management and shipping. Our massive, 50,000-square-foot warehouse can be used to house some of your inventory or all of it, and then we can manage the inventory levels using a variety of methods, depending on your needs.

If you think that plastic clamshell packaging will be a good fit for your unique product, call the team at Indepak today. We can discuss your packaging needs and budget and then create a total solution just for you.

Thermoform Packaging & HDPE

Thermoform packaging is the perfect solution for many companies. At Indepak, we create custom thermoform packaging for just about every imaginable industry. There are many different materials or combinations of materials to consider when planning a thermoforming project. One thermoplastic that we can use is known as high-density polyethylene, and here are a few quick facts about this thermoplastic.

High-density polyethylene typically is just known as HDPE. Most of us come into contact with HDPE every single day of our lives, whether we know it or not. Because of its chemical resistance, bottles are often made of HDPE, and these hold everything from milk to laundry detergent. It is not known to leach any harmful chemicals into food products and contains no BPA, which makes it a safe choice for those needing packaging for food or beverages.

Beyond thermoform packaging for foods or liquids, HDPE can be used to create many other types of products. This includes packaging for other industries, as well as plastic lumber, pipes, plastic furniture and even filament for 3-D printers. It is highly recyclable and accepted by virtually all curbside recycling programs. It’s identified by the number 2 surrounded by a triangle of arrows. Flip over your milk jug or fabric softener bottle and you, no doubt, will see this code, which is known as a resin identification code.

Of course, HDPE is not the only thermoplastic that we use. During the design process, our team will consider which type of thermoform packing materials will be the best fit for your product. Each type of thermoplastic has its own unique properties. Some are best for storing food, while others are ideal for retail products or perhaps electronics. Still others have properties that make them an excellent option for a pharmaceutical company’s products.

After we have selected the best type of plastic for your needs, we can design a prototype of your thermoform packaging. Once we have completed the design process, we can move on to production. Our high-speed, high-quality equipment is capable of thermoforming rigid materials ranging from .008” to .080” in thickness and foam materials from approximately 1/16” up to ¼”. Part sizes can range from less than one inch up to 36 inches in dimension.

We also provide our clients with services beyond design and production. We can provide package fulfilment as well as inventory management if needed. We can handle Min/Max inventory planning as well as more complex customer-based web portals. Whatever your company needs, we aim to provide.

To learn more about thermoform packaging, HDPE or all of our custom services send us an email or call today. Since 1967, we have been committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products as well as top customer service.