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6 Great Reasons To Choose Clamshell Packaging

We create all types of thermoplastic packaging and thermoplastic products at Indepak, and custom clamshell packaging is a popular option for many of our clients. The clamshell features a hinge at one end which allows it to open just like a clam mouth, which is where it gets its name. There are many great reasons to consider a clamshell as your packaging option, including the following:

1. Many Clamshell Options

There are several different types of clamshell, making this a highly versatile option. For instance, you could opt for a basic clamshell package which might be perfect for products such as bakery goods or fresh fruit or take-out containers.

A clamshell also can be designed to fit around your product exactly, such as a handheld drill or perhaps a stapler. We also can design a clamshell with several different cavities to hold a variety of products or product parts. For instance, maybe your company produces a toy set with many individual pieces. Your clamshell can hold each piece in a specially designed cavity. We can even design thermoform trays that are also clamshells. Often people believe that a thermoform tray must fit into some other type of packaging, but you can create a thermoform tray that is also a clamshell.

If you have a product that will be hung and displayed on a hook or perhaps a package that needs to be able to stand upright on a shelf, a tri-fold clamshell might be a good fit. These are clamshells including a triangular base instead of just a hinge, and your product can stand upright on this base.

2. Clamshells Are Tamper-Resistant

One of the best reasons to consider using a clamshell is the protection aspect. After all, how much money do you lose each year if your packaging can be tampered with easily? A heat-sealed clamshell can be quite difficult to open, making it much harder for shoplifters to simply remove your product from a store shelf.

3. Clamshells Are Moisture-Resistant

Many types of thermoplastic are mold-resistant and moisture-resistant, but when you select a heat-sealed clamshell, you further increase this protection. This seal will keep moisture away and protect your product, extending its shelf life.

4. Strong & Protective

While thermoplastic is lightweight, many types of thermoplastic are very strong and durable, which is another reason why they are an excellent packaging option. We can create clamshell packaging that truly preserves and protects your products. Many thermoplastics can stand up to the rigors of handling and shipping as well as being handled by consumers.

5. The Affordable Option

While tamper-proof and moisture-proof packaging saves you money, thermoplastic clamshells also save money because the materials we use to create these packages are so affordable. Thermoplastics are among the most affordable packaging materials and because they are so lightweight, you reduce your shipping and transportation costs as well. Every company is looking for ways to cut costs, and using thermoplastic clamshell packaging can help improve your company’s bottom line.

6. Show Off Your Product

One advantage that thermoplastic packaging has over other material options is that consumers get to take a look at your product before purchase. After all, your thermoplastic clamshell packaging will be clear, and consumers can get a sense of what they are purchasing. Unlike a blister pack, which might feature a cardboard backing, a clamshell can be clear on all sides, allowing consumers to examine every inch of the product to determine if it suits their needs. Consumer often are more likely to purchase a product that they actually can see over a product stuck in a box or some type of package that obscures the product.

We have produced custom clamshell packaging for hundreds of customers over the years, and can help you select the best type of packaging for your product needs. If you need a clamshell or any type of thermoplastic packaging, don’t hesitate to give us a call or send an email today.

7 Reasons Why Thermoform Molding Is Your Best Packaging Option

We may be biased, but we truly believe that for just about every retail product, thermoformed molding is a fantastic packaging option. If you are still on the fence, here are 7 reasons why you should consider thermoform molding for your packaging.

1. A World Of Versatility

The process of thermoform molding involves feeding large, thin sheets of thermoplastics into machines known as thermoformers. These machines heat up the plastic, force the heated plastic into custom molds, cool the plastic and then trim way excess plastic. Because thermoplastic is so easy to mold, it can be crafted into virtually any shape or size. Even the most complicated designs can be created through the process of thermoform molding, thus thermoplastics are some of the most versatile materials in the world.

2. Affordable Materials

One of the best reasons to consider thermoform molding is the affordability factor. Thermoplastics are far less expensive to produce than products made of metal, glass and even paper-based packaging. At our plant, we have a wide variety of equipment which allows our customers to select plastics that truly fit their budget.

3. More Savings

Beyond the fact that thermoplastics are inexpensive materials in general, using these materials also will save you money in other ways. For instance, because we can create packages that fit around your product exactly, you can use smaller packaging. This means you can fit more products on a shelf and that more products will fit into shipping boxes. Additionally, thermoplastics are extremely lightweight, which lowers your shipping costs and we all know how high transportation costs have become over the last decade.

3. A Myriad Of Materials

As we stated above, our plant features many different types of thermoform molding machinery, and these machines can handle many different thermoplastic materials. With so many choices, it’s easy to find a material that suits your needs. We have thermoplastics ideal for different types of liquids and beverages as well as food products and medical or pharmaceutical products. Additionally, we have materials ideally suitable for electronics and computer-related equipment. No matter what type of product you have, there is a thermoplastic material with properties that will suit that product.

4. Superior Protection

With so many types of thermoplastics, it’s easy to find a type of plastic that protects your product. For instance, perhaps you have a product with several pieces. We can create a thermoplastic tray with custom cavities that fit each piece of your product exactly, thus providing plenty of protection. This tray then can be inserted into a box or even an outer layer of plastic packaging.

Another option is to consider is a thermoplastic clamshell package. These can be crafted out of strong thermoplastic and then heat sealed in order to make it tamper-proof as well as locking out moisture.

5. Sustainability

While you might not think that thermoplastics and sustainability go hand in hand, you might be surprised at some of the facts about plastic. For instance, virtually every thermoplastic we use at Indepak is recyclable. Many are accepted by most curbside recycling programs, which makes it easy for consumers to recycle their packaging.

At Indepak, we offer a variety of eco-friendly options such as using thermoplastics with post-consumer grade materials as well as combination designs that include plastics as well as paper or pulp. We also can create some packaging out of starch-based bio-plastics.

6. Save Energy & Cut Transportation Costs

The creation of thermoplastic materials also tends to require less energy than the creation of other types of packaging materials, such as aluminum. More importantly, plastic weighs less than other materials, which means that you expend less energy to transport your products. Because of the light weight, you also can place more products into trucks, planes, trains and ships.

7. Attractive & Eye-Catching

One of the big advantages of using thermoplastic packaging is that this material is clear and allows consumers to see exactly what they are purchasing. We can create designs that catch the eye and show off your product to its best advantage. While designing cost-effective and protective packaging is always a priority, we also strive to create designs that attract consumers.

At Indepak, we offer thermoformed molding services for just about every industry. Our client list includes many retailers as well as specialty food and beverage companies. If you are in the market for affordable, custom packaging, give us a call today and let’s discuss your packaging needs.