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11 Products That Are Ideal For Plastic Clamshell Packaging

The title of this blog post is a bit misleading. While we have compiled a list of 11 amazing products that would be a perfect fit for plastic clamshell packaging, there are millions of products out there that would be a fantastic match for this package type. Over the years, we have designed plastic clamshells for a number of products and industries, including some of the following.

1. Fresh Fruit
We can create clamshell packaging to hold strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, individual apple packs, tomatoes, grapes, gooseberries (a favorite here in Oregon) and many other fruits.

2. Vegetables
A plastic clamshell can be used to hold those cute little mini bell peppers and mini cucumbers as well as lettuce, fennel, mushrooms (technically a fungus and not a vegetable), broccoli, cauliflower and so on.

3. Fresh Herbs

We can design special plastic clamshell suitable for preserving and displaying fresh herbs, such as parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, or any herb not mentioned in a melancholy Simon and Garfunkel song.

4. Other Foods
Clamshells can be used to hold bakery goods such as cookies and brownies as well as deli items. You could place sandwiches, wraps, sushi, salads and much more in a lightweight, protective clamshell package. Additionally, egg cartons feature a clamshell design and can be made from thermoplastic, which can help protect these precious products.

5. Toys, Toys & More Toys
While the plastic clamshells that hold fruits, veggies and herbs are typically quite easy to pop open, we can ensure that your clamshell packaging is very secure. This is especially important with toys, as little hands often cannot resist trying to a get a toy out of the packaging. We can seal the package securely so that children can enjoy looking at the cars, action figures, dolls or tiny hand-held games that you produce without being able to tamper with the product.

6. Electronics & Electronic Accessories
At Indepak, we can design, produce and seal clamshells for products such as computer cables, headphones, flash drives, cellular phones, calculators, cordless phones, phone chargers and much more. If your product has multiple parts, we can design cavities that fit each item exactly, and we also can design clamshells for static-sensitive products.

7. Toiletries
If you sell toothpaste, toothbrushes or perhaps a plastic razor, we can create a clamshell for you. We also can create clamshells that hold make-up and beauty products, brushes and combs, lotions and skin care products just to name a few.

8. Tools
Whether you produce nails or screws or perhaps drills or screwdrivers, we can create a clamshell package that protects and displays your product. A few other tools that might be a good fit for plastic clamshell packaging include pocket knives and multi-tools, scissors, wrenches and pliers.

9. Batteries
Battery packs often are sold in blister packs with a thermoplastic cavity holding the batteries with a paperboard backing. However, using a plastic clamshell can make your battery packaging even more secure and we can create both types of packaging for batteries, depending on what you need.

9. Medicine Bottles
If you produce allergy pills, pain relivers, cold medicines or other over-the-counter medications, we can create a clamshell package that fits around your medication bottle or container. This significantly can reduce tampering and theft, while still allowing consumers to study your product carefully before making a purchase.

10. Baby Items
For companies that produce bottles or pacifiers, baby toothbrushes, teething rings or the thousands of other items needed by parents, a clamshell can be a great option, keeping items safe and secure while allowing consumers to be enticed by the design of your product.

11. Lightbulbs
In the past, lightbulbs tended to just be packaged in lightweight cardboard. However, thermoplastics can do a far superior job of protecting your product. We can create clamshell packing for a single bulb or perhaps a set of lightbulbs, with multiple cavities designed to hold and protect each individual bulb.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, as virtually any retail product can be stored in a plastic clamshell. No matter what type of product you might have, the team at Indepak can come up with a total packaging solution that fits your needs and budget. If you are ready to get started with your packaging project, give us a call or send us an email today.

4 Industries That Need Blister Packaging

Blister packaging is one of the most common types of custom thermoplastic packaging, and at Indepak, we create thousands of blister packs throughout the year. Here is some information about the blister pack, as well as a list of industries for whom we often design blister packaging.

A blister pack typically includes a cavity or cavities where products are placed, such as pill tablets or perhaps small parts. Then a backing, often foil or paperboard, is affixed and sealed to the back to keep the products safe and secure. Sometimes we simply design two identical halves of a blister and fold them together, forming a clamshell package. The clamshell can be sealed or secured so that the product is preserved and tamper-proof.

1. Specialty Food Companies

Many food companies will use a blister pack, although, we typically find that the blister packaging used by the food industry tends to be a clamshell. Clamshells can be used for many purposes. You often see these in the produce section of the grocery, filled with cherry tomatoes, miniature bell peppers, kumquats, berries and other fruits and veggies. These packages also are often used to hold bakery items as well as food products such as fresh sushi, deli sandwiches and other freshly prepared foods. Many restaurants also use clamshells as take-away containers.

2. Medical Supply Companies

Medical firms often design special kits, such as syringe kits and these can be placed into a carefully designed blister pack. We can first create a thermoplastic tray that securely holds each part of the kit, and then it can be sealed to ensure safety. We can produce low particulate packaging, intended for downstream sterilization applications as well as non-sterile applications. We also can provide traceability down to the box level. In addition, to designing medical kit trays and packaging, we also can create thermoplastic packaging to hold just about any medical product or device.

3. Pharmaceutical Firms

Blister packaging is commonly associated with both over-the-counter medications and prescription medications. You often see a blister pack that has specially designed cavities that hold either a single pill or perhaps a single dose of medication in each cavity. The back keeps the medicine secure and also allows the user to eject the pills through the backing while keeping the remaining medicine safe and secure.

4. Retail Manufacturers

There are literally thousands of retail products that can fit inside blister packaging. For instance, head down the electronics aisle and you will find headphones, cellular phone chargers and accessories, batteries, cables and much more all packaged in the blister packs, either with a paperboard backing or perhaps folded over and sealed into a clamshell. Often, electronics products are static sensitive, and we work with a variety of materials, from conductive to dissipative to protect these types of products.

In the toy aisle, you will find many products placed in blister packs and clamshells. Office supplies, such as packs of pens and markers, often are packaged in blister packs. Tools, from nails to small drills and beyond, also can be stored in blister packs. Virtually any product you might have can be placed in a blister package or a clamshell. Our thermoplastic packaging is ideal for many products because it not only keeps your items secure, it also displays the products so that your customers can see exactly what they are purchasing.

If your business falls into any of these categories and you need custom product packaging, give us a call today. Our design team can assess your needs and decide if a blister pack or perhaps a clamshell or another type of packaging will be the best fit for you.