Customer Service
The foundation of success for Indepak and its customers is quality relationships. We collaborate from concept to delivery, creating a partnership that really works, time after time. We are passionate about delivering excellence every step of the way. Our customer-centric, service-first approach brings extra value so your company can gain the maximum from Indepak solutions: timely, accurate, cost-effective, and easy to work with. That means you can expect responsive, supportive, helpful service from people who are genuinely enthusiastic about satisfying customers. Call us to find out more.

Total Solution
Indepak delivers innovation, flexibility and assurance as we supply a Total Solution. We provide custom-tailored design and production to meet your needs. We also have a variety of tooling and production equipment, allowing us to “fit” the very best production processes to your application. You can rely upon unmatched quality processes built over more than 45 years (including ISO 9001 certification.) Your staff can enjoy world-class customer service from our teams…focused on your needs while being responsive, transparent, accountable and friendly.

• Development

DesignerInset 7044Design – To support your thermoform application with excellence, Indepak’s design team collaborates with you from concept, through prototypes to ultimately provide production parts that meet your requirements. We utilize the latest technology to develop your part design, often starting with CAD files of your product. We will provide easy to understand solid model designs for review. Once the design is approved, we can quickly produce prototype parts for you to evaluate. Indepak has worked closely with our customers to design thousands of innovative packages and products over the years. We pay attention to space, weight, strength, presentation, cost containment, etc. so that you end up with the best solution for each application. We work to fully understand your manufacturing process, marketing needs, merchandising and consumer needs, all to arrive at the optimal design. Our Engineering team has many years of experience in diverse applications. You will benefit from the knowledge that we have gained in working on a range of products and designs. We take the extra step of working with you on aspects such as retailer packaging requirements, aesthetic design, package assembly, efficient part nesting and de-nesting and material selection all while meeting your specific needs. Contact us to explore design possibilities for your application. We will be glad to discuss it with you.

Product Quality – Delivering functional, effective, cost-engineered parts is a hallmark of Indepak value. We provide quality parts by designing and engineering well, up-front, both to fit requirements and to be producible efficiently and with quality, which speeds production and minimizes scrap. This is also the phase where we decide which process and equipment to use for production that will ensure lowest cost and best fit for the application.

Prototyping – We offer a variety of in house options to ensure that the part design will perform to your expectations. They range from parts formed on soft sample tooling to production quality sample molds for applications where the design is more finalized and a production quality part is required. Having a physical prototype part to check fits and test saves valuable time in the development process.

Tooling 7022 3 4 finalTooling – Producing top quality production parts is made possible in part by our in-house tooling shop. We are able to control all aspects of tool building as well as the project schedule. We feel that part quality and tool reliability are directly related to the quality of the tooling that we build for you. The tooling is maintained by Indepak and guaranteed for the life of the project.


• Production

Production 7006Cost effective and rapid, Indepak’s multiple lines of quality, high-speed equipment can thermoform rigid materials from .008” - .080” in. thickness and foam materials from approx. 1/16” - 1/4”. As a custom thermoformer we feel that it is essential to have a variety of thermoforming equipment in order to offer the best solutions to a range of customers in many industries. Our many years of experience combined with the variety of equipment capabilities allows us to process many types of materials, including HIPS, PET, PETG, ABS, PVC, OPS, HDPE, PP and starch based bio materials. Part sizes may range from less than 1” and up to 36” in dimension.


• Quality

Testing 7094 InsetTo deliver excellence and meet your reporting and auditing needs, Indepak maintains attention to quality as part of everyone’s job.  Each step in the production lifecycle is carefully designed to assure cost control and high quality. As an ISO registered company that often scores the highest in quality audits for some of the largest companies in the world, our staff and processes ensure that orders are processed correctly each and every time. We can provide complete traceability from the information on each box label back through our process and ultimately to our suppliers’ manufacturing records.


• Package Fulfilment

Adding value and saving you time, packaging is a natural extension of Indepak’s thermoforming services. By offering package fulfilment, Indepak brings efficient, reliable and convenient results. We can seal your packaging together with processes such as RF Welding and heat sealing. Let us know what you need and we’ll find a good solution for you.


• Inventory Management

WarehousInterior 7078 79 80To offer the security of inventory and convenience of quicker shipping response times, Indepak can partner with you to optimize and manage inventory. We commonly maintain agreed upon inventory levels both at Indepak and also at our customers’ facilities. With 50,000 feet of warehouse and effective processes, each program is created specifically according to our customer’s needs. We can manage the inventory levels in a variety of ways ranging from a simple min. / max. system to more sophisticated customer-based web portals.


• Shipping

exterior-8Based on a complete lifecycle of excellence and quality assurance, Indepak delivers effectively. In fact, on-time shipment exceeds 99.5%. We can arrange logistics according to your specific needs.


Contact us to find out how easy it is to work with a proven leader in Custom Thermoforming.
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