Thermoform Markets

Indepak has expertise in a variety of specialized markets. By developing services to meet these varied needs, we have established a robust capacity to create new and innovative solutions. Regardless of your industry, give Indepak a call and find out how effective collaboration and deep technical expertise, together with excellent customer service, can produce a world-class solution for you.

• Retail

Retail 7273 KOWe understand retail packaging, including all aspects of retail thermoform applications. We collaborate with you to design functional and aesthetically pleasing packaging that will make your product stand out. In design, we also consider aspects such as security, package fulfillment and sealing methods. Whether your application calls for a clamshell, multi-fold, thermofoam tray or lid, blister or a unique design, Indepak has done it.

• Electronics

Electronics 7472 KOIndepak is a long time leader in thermoformed electronics packaging, bringing the knowledge, materials and techniques to ensure that your static sensitive products are protected. We work with a variety of materials, from dissipative to conductive. Our experienced Sales and Engineering professionals will work closely with you to define the appropriate design and materials for your application.

• Specialty Foods

Food 7463 KOIndepak has extensive experience in custom specialty foods packaging. Our methods will ensure that materials and processes comply with GMP for direct contact food packaging. For the food industry we commonly produce clamshells, tubs, lids, trays, etc. From OPS candy & cookie trays to custom PET packaging for many applications, Indepak will walk with you through the design process and produce the highest quality result.

• Medical / Pharmaceutical

Medical 7249 KOIndepak produces low particulate packaging, intended for non-sterile or downstream sterilization applications. Our detailed record keeping ensures traceability down to the box level. We have processes from material ordering and receiving through production and packaging to ensure that your medical thermoform packaging meets agreed upon specifications.

• Industrial

Industrial ThermoformFor many years, Indepak has provided high tech and other industries with internal and business-to-business tote trays. These are often used in automation applications and frequently have anti-static properties. We produce industrial thermoform products with tight tolerances and will design your trays so that they are inherently accurate and work flawlessly in your process.

• Agricultural

Agriculture 7222 KOIndepak has the depth of experience to help you create custom thermoform trays or other types of packaging for your agricultural application. Contact us to collaborate on a new design or for a quote on your existing design.

• Thermoformed Products

Products 7234 KONot everything that we produce is a package. Thermoforming can be a great option for making various products. We can help you determine if custom thermoforming is the right choice for your product.

• Thermoformed Foam

Foam 7242 KOWe have developed a proprietary high speed process for forming and die cutting foam in-line. We can process materials from approx. 1/16” – 1/4” in thickness.


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